"The pistol is like part of my hand. With it, I'm a super-hero... blasting the bad guys with my fireballs of justice."

Tough cop grrl Sara Pezzini doesn't like following the law. Especially not when the bad guys don't get convicted in court.
In the sluttiest dress she can find, with a gun hidden only-god-knows-where she goes out into the gray, cold evening to ensure that justice is done. But before the night is over her work colleague and close friend will be dead and she will have her hands full trying to understand the power of the weapon that she by twist of fate has become the bearer of. And as if that wasn't enough there's a serial killer lose on the city streets.

Witchblade is drawn by Michael Turner, who has also done Fathom. The drawings go pretty much in the same style with beautiful ladies, nice colouring and good layout.
For being such a long comic (it's still not ended) it is very well thought through, but I find I need to read it with the brain turned on in order to not miss anything and get confused.