1) Which famous character do you identify with?
James Bond
Indiana Jones
Polgara the Sorceress
Dirty Harry
Ariel, the litle mermaid
The Ewoks
Harry Potter.
2) How do you take care of your enemies?
My friend takes care of them, and if he isn't around I know a trick or two.
I've got an immense will to survive. With some help from my friends I'll make it.
With my powers
With a strange weapon that is part of me.
By using magic.
There's nothing my guns can't handle.
By using my brains, some viloence and finishing with a witty remark.
3) Who helps you fight your enemies?
My ex-boyfriend and my butler sometimes help me out, in the end I get all the credit anyway.
Well, there are these voices in my head, and sometimes my pet gives friendly advice.
Nobody. I like taking care of the bad guys myself. And besides: if anybody saw how I defeat the bad guys there would be too many questions.
I have a friend who helps me every now and then, and also there's this mystery guy. But mostly I do things on my own.
All my friends and relatives.
My loyal friend.
My team.
4) Your enemies are most likely:
Humans, trolls, maybe other elves too.
This rich bastard and his handsome goon.
The guild masters.
Whatever ancient forces I managed to disturb this time.
I don't really know.
  5) And they want...
Who knows what these old demons want? Taking over the world does come to mind though.
...to get their spirits back.
...to take my weapon.
...to kill us all.
...to sell souls to those who shouldn't have any.
...to take over the world and make people bleach their hair and wear blue contacts.
...to whipe out the human race.
6) Your profession?
Research dude at an underwater lab.
I own an antiques shop.
Secret agent.
I don't need to work, but from time to time I play archeologist.
Does party girl count as a profession?
7) You dress in...
...bathing suits and bikinis.
...jeans usually. Whatever I wear will be in shreds at the end of the storyboard anyway.
...either guild robes or something silky and short.
...jeans and comfortable boots for hiking.
...whatever is needed for the mission.
...the right clothes for the right realm.
8) Do you have any family?
My sister. She's a model and she likes partying.
My sister. She pretty much raised me and has been very helpfull.
Does my butler count?
Not really, no.
My cousin. She's crazy.
We're all like one big family.
My parents are dead. I'm not sure if my brother is alive.

Where can we find you?

Where the action goes down.
Probably at a digging site.
In a world where magic is part of everyday life.
The big, bad city.
The beach.
In the forest.
Modern world and the reamls of faerie.