This is the first Crossgen comic I've read and I would like to mention a thing or two about Crossgen's universe before I get started on describing Mystic.
Every title of Crossgen's has their own "planet" and hence there's a "universe". Logic, ah?
Some mystic creator force has gotten bored with the planets and decided to open one person on every planet to his powers. This brings us to:

The Comics

Genevieve Villard had spent all her life in the guild, without having much of a social life. Through intense and demanding studies she has learned the secrets of the Noveau guild. And now she's about to become the master of the Noveau guild and receive the spirit of the Noveau guild founder.

Giselle Villard is Genevieve's younger sister, but aside from their looks there is not much they share.
Genevieve is a social girl. She loves dancing, handsome boys, skimpy dresses and parties. And she can't understand why her sister would chose to lead such a boring life.

But family is family, so at Genevieve's ascention ritual Giselle shows up (on time for once) to see her sister achieve what she has worked so hard for.
But a stranger places a seal on Giselle and the spirit that was meant for her sister is drawn into her body... along with the spirits of the six other guild masters.

With a mangy pet, voices in her head and guild masters plotting to kill her, Giselle has to find a way to make peace with her new self.

The Visuals

The world of Ciress is a world where magic is an everyday thing. There is a beautiful fountain on page 41 (isbn 1-931484-00-7) which changes it's appearance with every panel. I greatly admired that and wished the creators could have done more things like it in the background.

I like the architechture as well. The differences between the guild buildings support the difference in characters between the guilds.

The images are generally very colourful. And sometimes a colour can be used to signify a special character or place. The panels where the astral masters appear are usually very blue. And the different guild masters have a tendency to have a background in a different colour for each master.

One thing that I can complain about is the facial expressions. I feel that Giselles face is locked in a constant pleasant smile and at any time where she's suprised or angry her face just looks a bit weird.