In her dreams Derdre is someone else. A strong, beautiful woman in armor. Her army cheers as she comes because they know they can't win the battle against the dark creatures without her.
In the real world, Derdre wakes up with blood on her hands.

The only person Derdre feels close to is Father Colm, a priest at the convinct where she's lived all her life as an orphan. The nuns treat her pretty much in the same way that the evil stepsisters treated Cinderella.

So when after another of her vivid dreams she discoveres Father Colm dead, Derdre decides to leave the convinct and find out who her parents were.

More than Mortal is a comic with less of a superhero and more of a fantasy feel to it. At a glance it looks a lot like the braindead witchblade/spawn crossover, but once I started reading it I realized that even though the artist has taken the opportunity to show off as much as Derdre's body as possible (torn clothes, tight nighties, and so forth, and so on) there is a story here. A story about a girl trying to find out who she really is.
As cliché as it may sound, More than Mortal reminds me a bit of growing up. Derdre has just turned 18 when she leaves the convinct and one can notice her character change during the story. From an innocent scared girl to something that is more like the woman she dreams of.