The Comics

A world on the edges of the bleak zone.
It survived one cataclysm but the ground is poisoned.
A pearl delicately poised on the edge of an abyss.

Cadador and Meridian couldn't be two more different sky cities.
Cadador lives off trade with the other cities. The city has beautiful buildings but hardly any nature left. The minister of Cadador, Ilahn, is respected and feared but not loved by his people.
Meridian is a backwards city that live from the beautiful and functionate air ships they make. The beauty of Meridian lies in its simplicity. And their leader, Turos, does his best to keep his people happy.
It's hard to imagine that the rulers of two so different cities could be brothers.

Turos dies and the rightful ruler of Meridian is then his daughter, Sephie. But Ilahn takes Sephie with him to Cadador, "for her own protection", and sends his army to Meridian to take over the city.


The Story

Sephie sets out on a journey back to meridian, her people escape from Meridian to seek protection, her loyal friend Jad goes on a quest to find her and Ilahn sends his troups to find her.
With all these different groups of people to follow there are quite a few jumps between stories.

What makes this comics most special to me is Sephie's character. She has the body of a young woman but her face reflects the innocense of childhood and it's easy to understand from both her thoughts and her actions that she's on that border between childhood and the world of grownups and through the first TPB I really felt that she was growing.


The Visuals

The environments are very nicely drawn. The faces of the characters show feelings well. The only two complaints I have are the paneling and the occasional lack of detail. All in all I love the art. It uses a lot of warm colours.