"There are two worlds: the one we know and the one below"

Aspen Matthews is only a child when she disembarks from a ship which has been gone for years. Nobody, including herself, seem to know from where she came.
She has a special relation to water and was an elite-swimmer before ending up as a scientist on an underwater laboratory. There she sees a strange creature before the lab gets blown up and she remains as only survivor.
When a pilot from the army shows up and Aspen gets involved in a row of mysterious events she has no other choice than trying to remember what happened that day, so many years ago.

Michael Turner started witchblade and this is his second comic. The art work is admirable (even if the female characters tend to get a bit heavy on the front), and the story is well thought-through.
The whole comic (about 10 issues) was recently published as collected edition. It is, as usual, expensive but very well worth the price if you're tired of donald duck ;-)