The Comics

ElfQuest is a very big comics, but not in the sense that it's ultra popular. It's been around for over 25 years and there are so far 28 collected edition books (each are about 150-250 pages long). This is what I mean with "big".
It's selfunderstood that a comic this big has a lot of storyboards and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything.

For people who are planning on reading all of the comics I would recommend beginning at book 1 (fire and flight). People who only want to check the series out might enjoy a short story board like "jink" or "wavedancers".
Please be warned that this comic, however interesting, is very cute.

The Beginning

It all starts out with the elf Cutter and his tribe, the wolfriders, leaving their home because the humans burn it down.
Cutter has a dream of finding other elves and uniting them. The first four books is basically a search for other elves.
The world of two moons where the wolfriders live is a fascinating place. The wolfriders' adventures take us through deserts, forest, mountains and cities. We get to see elves as well as trolls and humans.

The Visuals

Even though all artwork originally was done by Wendy Pini, the series is nowadays crowded with different artists. Some are good, others are less good.
There are not any major difference in the art work of the different artists, which I am thankful for. Everybody seem to make sure that the elves are pretty and nature looks welcoming.