The Comics

Everybody who saw the movie "Daredevil" must have noticed the pretty babe named Elektra Nachios.
Well, she's not just a bimbo in a movie, she's got her own comics too.
Elektra is written by the same guy who wrote Daredevil.

The first thing I read was the collected edition called "Everything Old is New Again" where our heroine is coming to terms with her addiction to violence.
Aided by sensei Drake she's getting back to seeing life as a valuable thing.
Unfortunately a secret society called "the hand" is looking for her and wants her to come back to them and work as a hired killer again.

This is a different story in the way that it's about fighting the monster within. Of course the whole "hand"-business is physical, but it doesn't feel like the main point of the story.

The Visuals

The sequences of movements make the action scenes flow nicely, and that is something I deeply appreciate.

A nice suprise is the artwork in issues #19 and #20 which make Elektra look less like a sexy killer and more like the confused warrior I really think she is.
Also the bad guys in those issues are depicted in a more humorous way, which only makes me feel like it's the "monster inside" which is the important part of the story.

Unfortunately the colouring of the characters in the rest of the comics was not to my liking.

I'm very grateful that this comics didn't fall too heavily for the "naked heroine"-cliché: she only looked like she might be cold in the last fighting scene =)

Small Note

People who are planning to read this comic should probably start with the collected edition previous to "Everything Old is New Again".