The Comics

This comics begins in the style of Indiana Jones. Our heroine, Abby Chase, is fighting in the jungle with an old aquaintance over a very old golden skull.
Later she becomes part of DangerGirl, which is a team of agents that are supposed to make the world a safer place.
When I started reading this comics I expected it to be the same style as fathom or witchblade: "girl kicks ass and saves the world". Well this comic has 2 big differences:

1. It's not just ONE girl. They're four.
This may sound like a stupid thing to mention, because both aspen (of fathom), Lara Croft and Sara Pezzini (of witchblade) has people that help them out (colleagues, friends, butlers, etc). The thing is that Sara, Aspen and Laura usually go off by themselves, they're not a TEAM with the people who help them.
DangerGirl are a team. They don't go off and do all the hero stuff on their own. After having read a lot of "one girl show" comics this team-thing is a nice change.
Unfortunately it seems to have flattened the characters a bit. I guess that you have to spread the qualities that you would have put on a "one hero" character one several people when you build a team.

2. A sense of humor.
Not only do the characters make me laugh from time to time with their comments, but also, expecially in the first chapters, are there some pretty explanatory images of what our main heroine thinks while she talks to people.
There are also some details in the backgrounds that are pretty funny, for example I saw a pink little toy bear dangle off a ninja's sword at some point and a miniature metal statue of a hobbit with very hairy feet in another picture.
Then there are also active scenes which are funny, like watching Johnny Baracuda stuff a dward dressed up as hitler into it's own pants and roll it on a bunch of evil soldiers.
I love this comics for not being serious and dark.

The Characters:

The Visuals

I absolutely adore the facial expressions, but at times when the faces are seen from "long distance" they seem a bit too undetailed, but that's not something that actively annoys me. The paneling is not the best I've seen, but it's okay.
The babes are very curvy and I like it. They're shaped a bit like hourglasses.