"Clap your hands if you believe in magic."

There's a shop called Curiosities. Full of little things.
And behind the counter stands a chainsmoking, cocky woman dressed in leather.
The same woman will later that night have an argument with a magic mirror and go partying with a tattooed man and wake up with a horrendous hangover and a monster's head in her kitchen.
Meet lady Kildare of the Fairy.

It was actually Jay Anacleto's artwork that made me buy this comic to begin with. It was so beautiful and different from anything I had seen untill then.
Then when Brian Holguin's story unfolded I didn't regret any of the money I spent on it.
Unfortunately for one of the issues they've let another artist do the work and it's hard to get used to his idea of how the characters should look. It annoyed me greatly, not because the art was bad, but because it was so different.